PT Cruisers Doppelgangers

If you were not able to buy Chrysler’s PT Cruiser and having a hard time finding a second hand, there are doppelgangers that you might want to consider. Don’t worry we excluded the bad models on our list, so you won’t have to make the mistake of investing in a car that’s going to disappoint you.

Chevrolet HHR

chevrolet hhrIt’s a high-roofed car with perfect hunches that resembles the PT Cruiser’s sexy curves. Chevrolet HHR is quite lengthy, but it has its own perks. There’s more space for storage whenever you need to go for a long drive in Amsterdam city pass. It’s a 5-door vehicle with a retro-style look. Chevrolet also did some upgrades to the model. The model has SS Turbocharged version where Chevrolet upgraded the suspension, manual transmission, and engine. It’s a win-win if you consider the design and performance.

Mini Cooper Convertible

min cooperMini Cooper is the mother of retro. It’s actually one of the inspirations of PT Cruiser. As we all know, PT Cruiser is a mash-up between beetle and Plymouth. It has hunches of the beetle and has the distinct straight edges of Plymouth. Mini Cooper possesses the same concept in their latest released models. Mini Cooper is quite pricey, but when it comes to sophistication and branding, Mini Cooper is one of the strongest brands to go for. Loyalists of Mini Cooper would rather get a bike from Amsterdam bike rental than to drive a different car brand.


Grand Vitara

If you want to settle for a lesser version of PT Cruiser, Grand Vitara of Suzuki is a great candidate. You can also opt for the limited edition with 9 trims if you care about exclusivity. The mechanical aspect of Grand Vitara is also impressive for the price. The interior is spacey which provides comfort to your passengers. Grand Vitara is perfect for personal use or family use. If you failed to buy the PT Cruiser, Grand Vitara is a good alternative car to bring in Amsterdam holiday with your family. It does burn fuel efficiently, so it’s perfect for everyday use as well.