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Honest Car Reviews, No Hidden Agenda Included

My01ptcruiser.com aims to provide honest car reviews without any touch of a hidden agenda. We are not planning to sell you anything. But we love you to join our online-based community. We have noticed that there are plenty of biased reviews online. We find this damaging to potential buyers of the car, and also negatively affect the model in terms of its reputation in the market. The downfall of PT Cruiser was due to biased reviews. The market failed to notice the beauty of the design and the perks included for buying one. We are blindsided by biased reviews which clouded our impression about the model. We felt bad about this. Because not only we love our PT Cruiser, but we also believe that this is one of the best models released by Chrysler.

Calling All PT Cruiser Owners

Do you own a PT Cruiser? Lucky you. PT Cruiser is no longer being manufactured by Chrysler. So, owning one is like owning a classic beetle. There are just a few of us who own this specific model. It’s so sad that the manufacturing of more PT Cruisers didn’t make it to 2010. The good news for us, since they ceased the manufacturing, our PT Cruisers are rare and has exclusivity in it. If you are looking for a community who will share your love for your PT Cruiser, join us. Make sure you tune up your car because we will set long drive events.