Can I buy PT Cruiser on your website?

We don’t personally sell PT Cruiser. We are a group of car enthusiasts who love the PT Cruiser. But if you have plans in buying one, we can help you find sellers.

Why did they stop manufacturing PT Cruiser?

There were many factors, but the big factor is the negative reviews. Another thing is, the market failed to see the elements of the design, because they were not ready to accept a new concept.

Is true that this model has many engine issues?

Definitely no. Many reviewers didn’t consider the purpose of the model. It’s not a sport car, so you cannot expect great amount of speed from the engine. However, the engine is built for weight. Like other cars, you have to bring it to dealerships for maintenance and tune up. It’s not the car’s fault for performing poorly if it’s not getting the care it needs.

Where do you usually go for joyride in your community?

The itineraries are planned by our community coordinators. We usually go for Amsterdam top sightseeing or other places with less traffic.

Is it still wise to buy a second hand PT Cruiser?

Yes. Chrysler manufactured a limited number of PT Cruiser, so chances are there will be just 2 owners of PT Cruiser in your town. Exclusivity wise, PT Cruiser is a good model to buy versus the price of exclusive cars.

Where can I get spare parts for my PT Cruiser?

This the part where it gets challenging. You may need to contact the biggest Chrysler manufacturers for the spare parts. You can also send us a message on what specific part you need, and we’ll try to check with our members if they have one and if they would be willing to sell.